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What is alcoholism and do I need an Alcohol Rehab or Rehabilitation Facility?

At our Private Alcohol Rehab Centre in Auckland, we have supported many guests onto the path of Sobriety. “Am I an Alcoholic” or “What is alcoholism” requires understanding to overcome this disease. 

Alcoholism is one of the most serious forms of problem drinking, leading to severe bodily harm. It describes an uncontrollable desire to drink alcohol.

Alcoholism is also known as alcohol addiction or alcohol dependence. Medically, drinking too much, or unusually heavy drinking can be a form of alcohol use disorder which is defined as needing to get drunk every day in order to feel normal. This is different from harmful drinking which is classed as a pattern of heavy daily drinking that causes damage but does not lead to dependence on alcohol.
Drinking alcohol makes up one’s day, and they neglect important things like family work to prioritize their drinking. They sneak around, drink alone and often experience physical withdrawal symptoms if.

What is Alcoholism?

Signs of alcohol dependence can include impaired control over drinking, continuing to drink despite consequences, or increased alcohol tolerance. 

It can often be tricky to spot signs of alcohol addiction. If someone you know is having an issue with drinking, it may be best to give them some space or gently confront them about their habits.

Doctors assess whether someone is dependent on alcohol by looking for signs that show their patient can’t regulate their drinking, and that they have a strong internal drive to use alcohol.

What is alcoholism
The specific symptoms they look for are:
  • Lack of willpower to control alcohol consumption
    These behaviours might include not being able to control how long you drink, what you drink when you do drink, how often you drink, and things like stopping when you start drinking or only drinking at best times.

  • Giving increasing priority to alcohol
    Alcohol is a treat to the over-indulgence of daily activities and to responsibilities. You need to think about your health, relationships, and other potential consequences if you continue drinking.

  • Unwanted physical or mental effects from drinking alcohol
    You may have stopped drinking because of withdrawal symptoms, or you drink but have to consume more alcohol than what you used to need.

Talk to your doctor to receive a diagnosis of alcohol dependence or alcholism. They will want to see two or more of these symptoms as they occur over an ongoing period. OR alcohol addiction may be diagnosed based on a person’s behaviour over the last 12 months or more, but it may also happen if someone consumes alcohol on a daily basis for a certain period.

Every situation is unique, so let’s chat and we will support you onto the pathway that is right for you and your current circumstances.

If you think your drinking habits might be getting out of hand, take our quick questionnaire and see how it impacts if your drinking habits are healthy.

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