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Change your future - get help with private drug rehab at House of Hope in Auckland

House of Hope is based in Auckland but welcomes patients from anywhere in New Zealand

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    Drug addiction can be devastating but House of Hope helps you rebuild

    Drug addiction takes a huge toll not only on those who are addicted but always their friends and loved ones. 

    Willpower isn’t usually enough to beat a drug addiction – many people require professional intervention. House of Hope is a private drug rehab centre in Auckland offering residential drug treatment programmes for a range of drugs including meth, cocaine, LSD and cannabis.

    Our team of counsellors and medical professionals are ready and waiting to help. If you would like to make an appointment for yourself or a loved one to discuss assessment and treatment, please get in touch.

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    Signs of a drug problem

    Alcohol dependency affects people in different ways and some people have a greater tolerance than others. However if you answer yes to many of the following questions it may be time to get help.

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    House of Hope offers wide-ranging treatment for drug rehab

    drug rehab auckland house of hope

    House of Hope offers a holistic approach to drug rehabilitation with the belief that your whole mind and body should be treated and you should be given a wide range of resources to help you move forward. 

    With that in mind, alongside medical intervention and counselling, we also offer yoga and massage along with regular trips away from the centre. All activities are run by professionals who are fully trained and experienced in their field.

    Do you or does someone you know need help with recovery from drug addiction? Whether you are looking for treatment for a serious cocaine or meth addiction or your occasional cannabis use has spiralled out of control and you need help, contact House of Hope today.

    “I cannot thank House of Hope enough, to say you have been life-changing is an understatement! You have given me an outlook on the world I never thought possible, a clear mind and a focus that can’t be waived. Your support constant love and compassion has been nothing short of a miracle! Thank you endlessly from the bottom of mine and my Whanau heart for giving me the courage to fight to live.”


    If you are ready to discover what living well can be like, contact House of Hope at any time for a confidential, commitment-free discussion.