Auckland, New Zealand

Is House of Hope the Right Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre for Me?

We provide an immersive and supportive 30-day intensive rehabilitation programme modelled on a holistic approach. Our primary goal is for our clients to understand and practice the power of therapy sessions, yoga, mental health, nutrition, and the 12-Step programme. Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation services are grounded within the most successful rehabilitation programme available.

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation NZ – House of Hope welcomes everyone.

Research into the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous shows that long-term recovery is determined by a person’s engagement with the community of a rehabilitation centre. 

Recovery is not entirely dependent on the rehab methods, but rather on how well someone connects with our drug and alcohol rehabilitation support group. Connecting with this support group ensures a successful long-term recovery.

Environment & Atmosphere at Our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

House of Hope is One of the Most Respected Rehabilitation Centres in New Zealand.

House of Hope a sacred place that works harmoniously with the 12-step programme. The seed of hope will be sown, and you will flourish and grow. It is the start of the rest of your life. If you’re looking for a supportive learning environment with 24/7 immersion, our 30-day programme will be a signpost, providing direction towards your path of recovery.


If you are ready to discover what living well can be like, contact House of Hope at any time for a confidential, commitment-free discussion.

    Spirituality and Drug Rehabilitation NZ

    Exploring and establishing a true sense of spiritual awareness is deeply important for a successful conclusion to our 30-day drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme. AA’s 12-steps principle addresses all aspects of addiction: along with the mind, body, and soul. Exploring your own spiritual meaning doesn’t necessarily consist of belief in a single religion or belief in religion at all. Your inner grounding in a higher power is what you make of it.

    Substance Rehabilitation Therapy: Daily Routine

    You will be fully immersed for the duration of the programme. Attending all components of treatment and remaining focused will ensure you see success in our alcohol and drug rehabilitation programme. From talks and presentations, in both one-on-one and group settings, to individual reflection. Everything you undertake will be for the betterment of your future self.