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Auckland-based drug and alcohol treatment that encompasses every part of your recovery

House of Hope is based in Auckland but welcomes patients from anywhere in New Zealand

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    Comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment to help you beat your dependency

    At House of Hope we know that not everyone can get better on their own which is why we offer comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment.

    From pre-assessment to after-care, our team of counsellors and medical professionals are committed to helping you face up to and beat your problem. We offer a 12-step programme for alcohol rehab and drug rehab and wrap-around care for you and your family. 

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    Stage 1

    During the initial stage you will meet with our nurse and doctor for a pre-assessment and one of our counsellors. This should be done in person and can either be done at the centre or at a place convenient to you. Once your treatment programme has been agreed you’ll undergo a full medical. Then your detox will start with seven days resting and recovering during which time you will be monitored. If you require medical intervention to help with your detox this will be arranged. 

    Stage 2

    During this stage you will start your recovery process in earnest. At our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre we believe in a holistic approach. Our programme includes group and individual therapy as well as the 12-step programme which is central to our treatment. We also offer yoga, exercise and day trips to assist with your overall well-being. 


    Stage 3

    Family support is vital to your recovery, so in this stage we work with you and your family. We help you explain addiction to your loved ones and help them understand, so you can begin to build a better relationship with them.

    Stage 4

    Because recovery doesn’t stop when you leave the centre, we offer you 24 months of after care support. We’ll encourage and support you during your further recovery outside the centre. This can include further appointments with medical professionals or counselling groups as well as connections with halfway homes or assisted living if you require it. Before you leave a prevention plan will be drawn up including tools to help you prevent relapses once you have left. 



    If you are ready to discover what living well can be like, contact House of Hope at any time for a confidential, commitment-free discussion.