Auckland, New Zealand

How Do We Assist with Alcohol and Drug Relapse Prevention?

With guests who have previously journeyed down the path of recovery, experience shows that the desire to relapse can soon appear. We believe that the key to avoiding a drug or alcohol relapse is through continuous engagement with the recovery community. This may be in the form of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting (of which there are many all over New Zealand) at a time that suits you, and in a place that you feel safe in. 

Most guests will be ready to return home after completing our programme. Long-term relapse prevention depends upon successfully integrating the guiding principles and teachings of the programme.

Transitioning back into everyday life can be difficult; leaving an environment of 24/7 immersion for the real world is a huge challenge. An effective method of relapse prevention is by attending and engaging with your local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

When you leave House of Hope, you’ll have an alcohol and drug relapse prevention plan that’s been uniquely developed for you and that covers the period following your completion of the programme.


If you are ready to discover what living well can be like, contact House of Hope at any time for a confidential, commitment-free discussion.

    Is There Family Support for Relapse Prevention?

    Yes. We have a weekly support group for families, called Family Group. It offers ongoing drug and alcohol relapse prevention support after your loved one has left House of Hope. 

    Furthermore, we organise regular one-on-one meetings with our CEO for families and loved ones to help find solutions to ongoing problems and concerns. The pain caused by addiction harms an addict’s family too. So, whenever there’s an opportunity to offer guidance to families about alcohol and drug relapse prevention, we take it.