Auckland, New Zealand

Karla Atkinson   

House of Hope is amazing!! When I arrived at the house I was broken. Addiction had taken over my life completely and was unmanageable. Within hours of arriving I knew I was in the right place. Kobus and the team genuinely cared for my well being. After 30 days I can honestly say that it has been life changing and although my recovery path will always be ongoing, I am extremely thankful to the whole team who have set me up with a solid foundation. I call them family now!



House of Hope is an Auckland-based private rehabilitation centre, established by Jacobus Badenhorst, who has undertaken alcohol rehabilitation himself, and run by a combination of professional medical staff and counsellors. House of Hope takes a holistic approach to alcohol rehab and drug rehab including therapy sessions, yoga, mental health and nutritional information as part of the process. The treatment process is undertaken at House of Hope’s residential centre so you can get the full support you need each day. We take only a small number of patients into our detox centre at any time and everyone has their own private room. 

Are you looking for drug and rehabilitation centres that are more than just detox facilities or one-on-one therapy sessions? At House of Hope we believe a holistic approach to treatment gives you the best chance of success. Our treatment focuses on improving your whole physical and mental well-being as well as dealing with your addiction.

If you have become dependent on alcohol to the extent where it is interfering with your life or relationships or you cannot function without it, then it is time to seek help with an alcohol rehab programme. 

No one starts taking drugs thinking they will become addicted, but this is often the end result. If you are always thinking about getting high and drugs are taking over your life, then consider a drug rehab programme.

House of Hope has a well thought out and established drug and alcohol treatment programme delivered by a team of caring and experienced professionals. Our treatment includes help with detoxing, a 12-step programme as well as therapy sessions and after-care for when you leave us to continue your recovery at home.

Transformational Treatment

The House of Hope New Zealand offers transformational treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. Our rehabilitation programs help people reclaim their lives from substance abuse. We offer a personalized approach to addiction therapy that guides clients and their family members through the stages of recovery, including social detox.

Holistic Programming

Guests at The House of Hope addiction treatment centres take part in holistic programming with a focus on the root causes of their substance abuse, how to manage these cravings, and ultimately reach their personal goals which includes a heathy lifestyle. We won’t stop helping you once you finish our addiction support and detox program. You’ll get follow-up support, detailed action plans and the chance to connect with other people going through addiction recovery. to empower you on your path to recovery. The House of Hope New Zealand offers a range of addiction treatment services and support to you is meaningful and continues after you leave our private rehab centre.


The House of Hope is a residential rehab programme specifically designed for those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. We’re a private drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre that offers private services, assisted by many experienced and dedicated staff, family, and professionals. We strive to help you on your journey to recovery. 

The House of Hope welcomes guests from throughout the country into a safe and caring environment. The reason our rehab is different to other Auckland rehabs is our team has experienced everything you’re going through and have found success. It’s reassuring to be able to talk and relate with those in your situation.


The House of Hope in New Zealand provides a targeted approach to rehabilitation with a combination of group sessions, individual discovery, and spiritual guidance for lifelong recovery. We prioritise mental health and work to find the deep-rooted cause of addiction so you can tackle it head on.

We at the House of Hope drug and alcohol rehab centre are helping our guests break free from addiction and change their lives for the better. Our guests come out of rehab with a new perspective on their lives and now see the importance of changing themselves. We prioritise mental health and work to help you or your loved one find the deep-rooted cause of their addiction so they can better deal with it. Searching for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Auckland?  We are here to help and support.

How Soon Can I Get Addiction Rehab Treatment and Care?

We’re here 24/7 to provide care and support. Talk to our addiction recovery specialists today and find the most suitable private drug and alcohol rehab treatment programme for you and your needs.


If you are ready to discover what living well can be like, contact House of Hope at any time for a confidential, commitment-free discussion.